The Empirical P Management Authority (The EPMA) is focused on bringing to the fore industry best practices, transformational tools and techniques around:

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Service Management
  • Agile Methodologies

P Management has been around in one form or another since times unknown. Today, numerous resources are available that define a multitude of processes, methodologies and knowledge areas that help enhance an individual’s knowledge of P management and its various aspects. They enumerate each of these aspects and certify such individuals as professionals in the field of P management after thoroughly testing their knowledge.

Several key gaps exist in the field of P management, in the abundance of knowledge that is out there in various forms.

Theoretical Vs. Applied P Management

The existing bodies of knowledge on P management largely speak about how you ought to manage initiatives and work. Many P managers have failed repeatedly to deliver successful work while trying to bring their knowledge into practice.

Generic “one-size-fits-all” vs. Nuances

Most of the existing bodies of knowledge on P management profess “one-size-fits-all”. As such, they are quite generic and are intended to apply to work across a wide range of vertical domains.

Integrated Approach

The theory of project management presents in-depth details about numerous aspects of project management and is rightfully called knowledge areas. What is missing is the information on how each of “these knowledge areas” fit into, and can be effectively applied in the overall project and how each of the knowledge areas is applied within other areas.

The Great Divide

Numerous books on P management offer enormous amount of knowledge. Thousands of P managers speak the same language and agree upon the theory of P Management. However, when it comes to experience of these individuals and the application of these principles, there is a great divide and strong disagreement among the members of the P management community. Every project, program, service or portfolio is unique and as such, the application of the principles and the viewpoint of what works or how it ought to work.

Cost Factor

The prohibitively expensive training’s and certification programs that exist in the industry today have moved quality knowledge beyond the reach of millions worldwide.

The aforementioned key gaps in theoretical and empirical aspects of P management demanded an authoritative body of highly experienced leaders to come forward and bridge the gaps. The Empirical Project Management Authority was thus initiated.

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